Sunday, July 12, 2009


Jarrod Lamshed's "Finding the Passion" dated April 24, 2009, included a video podcast of Sir Ken Robinson, who commented on three desired levels of intelligence: diversity, dynamic attributes and distinct talents, and their importance in the levels of educational hierarchy. Also he strongly suggested that creativity is as important as literacy.

Sharing these thoughts, Mr. Lamshed feels we need to wake up the creativity in our students in order to find their passion, and that once found,it will lead to better learners. He personally stated that when he realized he was indeed, passionate about his teaching, he became a better teacher and a better learner. Re-evaluating current teaching styles and collaborating with other teachers may indeed help us find a way to reach kids and unlock their passion, all the while fueling ours.

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  1. You have taken a different tack on this post. Excellent. Good insights and very thoughtful!