Monday, July 20, 2009


A technologically literate teacher(TLT) should be able to know and understand what technologies do and their potential use in the classroom. Even though it may not be necessary to become proficient in everything there is still a need to know what is most beneficial to his/her teaching needs and become adept at using it. A strong commitment to keeping up with new websites for research on emerging technologies is critical. Websites that can be used in the classroom to study and collaborate with other schools both locally and around the world, is a valuable resource must be explored continually. At The Teacher's Desk is one that I have found to be most helpful.

A TLT must be able to do many of the things we have covered in this class from podcasting to twittering neither of which requires a degree in rocket science. Social networking options should be included like Facebook, MySpace and Linkedin. Collaborating, brainstorming and blogging with students require the ability to use Google docs and blogging techniques. The use of RSS feeds also very helpful. i Tunes University is another excellent resource to draw upon for audio and video podcasting. The list will continue to be endless as new technologies are discovered which is an even more important reason to continue our life long learning experiences.

Last but not least, the TLT 's attitude must be one of wanting to constantly be learning and demonstrating the ability to work with others. It is so true that we must lead by example. The TLT must also have the ability to teach the student how to ask questions by creating an atmosphere in which students want to learn and participate. In some respect this may actually be more important that the answers. Going one step further, the TLT should be comfortable saying "I don't know" but we can figure it out together. This can go a long way towards strengthening the relationship with the student, which is actually our ultimate goal.

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