Saturday, July 4, 2009


These podcasts were produced for the Teachers Domain which provides a free library of digital resources from public television (WGBH)and other leading media producers, designed for the classroom and professional development.

First I watched two video podcasts for grades 9-12, one on the Greenland Glacier and the other on Sleep. These were both most interesting and very technical. Second, I decided to view one podcast on the coral reef for grades 9-12, and one on the same subject for grades K-5. To my surprise they were both very similar in interest level and content, with just a little more depth provided for the older students.

I can see how these would be very helpful in certain cirriculum, but I am still trying to figure out where I might apply them in business education. I have found several podcasts on our economic situation but am still searching for accounting and typing for instance. My guess is this is exactly what Dr. John wanted us to do!

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  1. Some courses probably do not lend themselves to the same kind of media as others. But, for example, the videos that accompany this course have been reported by some students to be very helpful. They can watch me do something, stop the movie, try it, watch again if necessary.