Friday, July 17, 2009


The podcasts done in Dr. Strange's summer EDM310 class were an example of a 'learning by doing' project. The following paragraphs are meant to be suggestions and observations on these podcasts.

Some constructive observations might include:

1. Introduce and address the speakers in the beginning.

2. Set specified length of time for the podcast which might eliminate the opportunity to ramble. (9 - 12 minutes max)

3. Camera movement to focus on different speakers at the appropriate time.

4. Specific questions or outline be provided to all participants before the podcast. Be articulate, courteous and concise with all comments.

5. Keep the conversations moving among the participants in order to hold the listeners attention.

6. Have a practice session prior to actual taping of the podcast. Voice and body language are very important and should appear relaxed, open and interesting.

7. Use media that fits the message.

This is strictly a personal opinion regarding the use of video podcasts in which the format would include projects being completed, students performing or some type of visuals being presented along with the discussion. Audio podcasts to me are more appropriate for discussion type presentations. The presentation with Angela Rand was most informative and well conducted.

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  1. Your comments and suggestions are excellent. I'll try and put them into practice!