Saturday, July 4, 2009

iTunes University

Not only is the site amazing, but the doors it opens for education is mind blowing. The opening remarks "Today's students expect constant access to information in the classroom and beyond" is about as accurate as it gets. Teachers, now, are able to record and distribute lessons to students over cellular and wifi networks through iTunes University by way of the iTunes Store.

Access to the web for information, email, directions, lectures and even keeping up with their buddies is commonplace for students. This access is available anywhere at any time. Classroom presentations by way of students ipods or iphones can be downloaded instantly thus allowing them to study at their own pace.

iTunes University allows teachers to 1) manage and control a protected site, as well as, 2) contribute to an open site which can be used for recruitment purposes and/or public relations, to mention only a few. Many schools use both areas.

During my exploration of this site, I discovered countless museums, PBS locations, cultural/art resources and Universities which enable students to follow specific topics, listen to and even download these classroom presentations. Thousands of tracks are available with new ones being added constantly. Therefore, I conclude "there is no limit to what or where you can learn.

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