Sunday, July 12, 2009


The comments in Mr. Lamshed's second blog, Finding the Passion, were taken directly from another of Sir Ken Robinson's podcasts in which he states that adults, today, have no idea of their true talents. Building on his theory, the difference is that children have natural talents beginning with some type of natural aptitude and progress, when nurtured, because they love it. This is the lesson we need to learn and the passion we need to harness to take advantage of in their creativity. If overlooked, the same type of mechanical education will continue.

He goes further stating that our lives are not linear and therefore education should not be either. We don't know what we will be teaching in 30 years or 10 years for that matter.

The idea of getting back to basics can only be accomplished through greater education which requires great teachers and greater diversity. I particularly enjoyed his quote "it's not standardizing, but its about raising the standards".

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