Sunday, June 14, 2009

Being Inspired - Part 1 by Jarrod Lamshed

Mr. Jarrod Lamshed is a teacher in Australia blogging, communicatingMay4th,with other teachers and students across the continents. His enthusiasm is as contagious as is his relentless efforts to learn from other teachers and their student's experiences, thus inspiring him to continue his efforts in his "lifelong learning". In doing so, these students and his own students will continue their "lifelong learning" as well, communicating with others around the world.
Mr. J refers you to 3 links: Mr. Webb in New Zealand, Mr. Chamberlain in Missouri,USA, and Mr. McClung also in Missouri, USA.
Mr. Webb and Mr. J blogged along the lines of the cultural aspects of learning and differences in the classroom. Students were able to share and get feedback. Being able to look at what other students were doing and to realize that their work was just as important to others.
Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. J are actually reading HOLES by Louis Sachar and collaborating with each other and each other's students. The students were asked to comment on specific reflective questions. Their answers are quite profound in that they are building the groundwork for their future ideals without actually knowing it.
Mr. McClung also used blogging in his communications concerning school life with Mr. J . Thus cementing the realization of a school with no walls.


  1. Your link works! Great! Isn't it fascinating that we are now able to regularly communicate with our "community" that is truly worldwide?

    Good post.

  2. You need to post your comments on the exploration of iTunes and the podcasts you dabbled in.

  3. Thanks for your comments. It really has been an interesting year for me this year! I have learned an AMAZING amount. Good luck with your studies!

    Jarrod Lamshed