Sunday, June 7, 2009


Appropriately named, but could be subtitled Shifthappens.

I definitely am in agreement with Dr. Fisch in that access to education can and should grow exponentially or our society will be left behind. The idea of putting a computer in the hands of every child is right on. Fortunately, my grandchildren are being exposed to computers on a daily basis. Computers are a way of life for them as opposed to me. All I need do is go back one generation and remember my mother 's struggle learning to type on an archaic electric typewriter and me now, just trying to keep up!

My Space and Facebook have really come to the forefront and made us all realize the exponential characteristics of the internet. At some point I do get a little concerned about this, and the potential for inappropriate use, but refuse to bury my head in the sand. We must look to the future, embrace change and move forward encouragaing our policy makers to do the same.

Education must start early and move a warp speed.

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  1. When books were first published on the Gutenberg moveable type press, critics decried the publication of "unsuitable materials." In fact, France passed a law that called for the beheading of those selling books without the imprimatur of the catholic Church! So similar concerns were raised in the late 1400s and early 1500s as you raise today. Interesting, isn't it!