Sunday, June 28, 2009


-Dr. Christie's
website is an amazing resource for teachers. It provides information on Dr. Christie's 40 years of experience as an educator as well as providing resources for K-12 teachers on technology uses in their classrooms. Extensive links are provided on a number of topics. I selected Rubrics for my discussion.
The Rubrics Page explains how rubrics are used by students to guide them in completion of their project and by teachers to evaluate the completed project. Links are provided by other educators and additional links to other online resources. One such
link explains in detail what a rubrics grid is, its benefits and its advantages. Used as a tool for students to improve their end product, therefore increasing learning and for teachers to increase the quality of their direct instruction and the ability for use in multiple disciplines. I can certainly see the value in this site as a resource for any teacher.

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  1. So much to learn! (I'm talking about me!)

    Good post.