Sunday, June 28, 2009


Randy Pausch was a husband, father and professor at MIT until the time of his death from pancreatic cancer at age 47(June 25, 2008). His last lecture,
Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreamsshould be required viewing for every student at USA, not just Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. As an academician, he lived his life as he taught his students, with fun. I have often said of my profession, when it ceases to be fun, I will no longer continue and this lecture just cemented this in my brain.

Dr. Pausch advocated so many teaching methods which he demonstrated so well, that it is hard to be specific, but I will try. In reality his teaching methods could be considered "life lessons". His "Brick Wall" method, simply stated, relates to perseverance. He gave numerous examples of how this method influenced his life and his never give up attitude in teaching his students.

Another "head fake" technique demonstrated how he would have his students get directly involved in an activity and actually end up indirectly learning the outcome he had intended. He was so good at it, that he published a book on the subject. In his last lecture he drove this point home in his last two "head fakes", one, how to lead your life and two, leading by example, a message for his kids.

At the time of his death, he was recognized as one of America's "Top 100 Most Influential People", cited by Charles Osgood and Katie Couric on national TV, and viewed by hundreds of thousands on You Tube, with almost ten thousand making comments.

He truly is an example of how we should all strive to live our lives each day, you never know who you will be indirectly influencing......

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